Agriculture Practices to Create CO2 Credits through Terrestrial Carbon
Sequestration by Growing Energy Crops in Central Florida.

The following illustration of agriculture practices to build carbon levels in soils is based on Oak Ridge National Lab's (ORNL) analysis of phosphate mining lands in central Florida. From page 4 (modelling soil carbon sequestion):

"The 25 year gain in soil carbon as simulated by our model . . averaging approximately 11.0 Mg C/ha/year".

(1)     Convention is 11 million grams of carbon/ha/year.

(2)     453.69 grams in 1 pound.

(3)     Conversion is thus 24,250 pounds of carbon/ha/year.

(4)     1 hectare is 2.47 acres.

(5)     Conversion is thus 9,814 pounds of carbon/acre/year.

(6)     2,204 pounds in a metric ton.

(7)     Conversion is 4.45 metric tons of carbon/acre/year.

(8)     The conversion of carbon to CO2 multiplier is 3.67

(9)     Conversion is 16.34 metric tons of CO2/acre/year.

(10)    Assumption for the price of CO2 credits is $15 per metric ton.

(11)   CO2 credits per acre per year is $245.13