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Co-Firing Test Burn Pictures

Lakeland Electric McIntosh Unit #3

Eucalyptus Chips on Tipping Floor.

Closeup View Of Mesh Size Of Eucalyptus Chips.

Atlas Storage Bin with Drag Chain Conveyors and Pneumatic Transport Lines.

Baghouse for Dust Suppression System and Pneumatic Transport Pipes.

Center Cone and Fuel Sweep Inside Atlas Fuel Storage Bin.

Atlas Bin Floor Opening to Discharge Drag Chain with Fuel Sweep.

End View of 1 of 4 Drag Chain Dischare Conveyors from Atlas Fuel Storage Bin.

Top View of Drag Chain Discharge while Conveying Eucalyptus Chips.

Fuel Transport Pipes.

Fuel Transport Pipes.

1 of 4 Rotary Air Locks between Drag Chain Discharge and Fuel Transport Pipe.

Atlas Fuel Storage Bin Coal Silos and Boiler in Background.