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Marketing of Renewable Energy


Introduction: Green pricing is an optional utility service that allows customers an opportunity to support a greater level of utility company investment in renewable energy technologies. Participating customers pay a premium on their electric bill to cover the extra cost of the renewable energy. Many utilities are offering green pricing to build customer loyalty and expand business lines and expertise prior to electric market competition.

Florida: Common Purpose Institute is a member of the Green-e ( Accreditation Working Group, developing Standards for the marketing of Renewable Energy by Energy Providers within the Florida. This Working Group is comprised of various interests, such as environmental groups (Audubon Society, Sierra Club); non- profit clean energy advocates (Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Florida LEAF); developers (i.e., landfill gas); government agencies (Florida Department of Environmental Protection); and electric utilities/energy providers (i.e., Tampa Electric, Florida Power & Light, Lakeland Electric, Jacksonville Electric, Gulf Power, Green Mountain).

The current "draft" (as of October 17, 2002) of Green Accreditation Standards for Florida are available on-line at(PDF Document).

National: To date, more than 300 investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, and cooperatives have either implemented or announced plans to offer a green pricing option. Summaries of specific utility green pricing programs are provided below.

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