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Energy Crop Harvesting/Grinding Pictures

Below are links to harvesting and grinding pictures of our eucalyptus "closed loop biomass" for the co-firing test burn at Tampa Electric's Polk Power Station (December 2001).

First Grind
Final Grind
Hammers in Tub Grinder
Fuel from Tub Grinder to Trommel Screen
Screened Product from Trommel
Overs in back of Trommel
Loading whole trees into Tubgrinder
Whole logs into Tubgrinder
First pass screens used on Tubgrinder
Second pass screens used on Tubgrinder

During the winter of 2002-2003, we plan to conduct commercial harvesting research at our energy crop farm using the Claas Harvester. Below are illustrations of the Class equipment in use in the UK:

Close-up of cutting heads on Claas Harvester
Claas Harvester in use
Claas Harvester in use
Tree Chips from Claas Harvester.