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Key Federal and State of Florida Legislation and Reports Impacting Biomass Renewable Energy.

U.S. Congress Energy Policy Act of 2003: The most comprehensive energy bill attempted by Congress in a decade [Go to Webpage].

Background Information on Energy in Florida: Excellent Report from the Florida 20/20 Commission on the current and vision of energy within the State [download 165 page PDF Report] .

Assessment of Renewable Energy Options in Florida: Detailed Assessment from the State of Florida Public Service Commission and Department of Environmental Protection [download PDF Report].

Renewable Energy Legislation in Florida: Senate and House Bills introduced in 2004 to create a technology fund and require PURPA type contracts to Renewable Energy Providers. [State of Florida Legislature Webpage].

State Energy Plan for Florida: The State of Florida Energy Office is in the process of working with government, industry, and public groups to draft a State Energy Plan. [Website].

U.S. Senate Renewable Energy Bill: Introduced in March 2003. A key provision of this legislation is the expansion of the Section 45 Tax Credit to include biomass co-firing in coal power plants for energy crops (closed loop biomass) and biomass waste material (open loop) [download PDF U.S. Senate Bill].

Renewable Energy Report Card on all 50 States by the Union of Concerned Scientists (where Florida received a Grade of D). Florida was ranked 48th out of 50 States for Renewable Energy Potential.) [download PDF UCS Report]

Powering the South -- Florida by the Renewable Energy Policy Project. [Website]

Other Resources:
New Mexico: State Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard which includes biomass co-firing.