Mission Statement

"Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand."

-- Chinese Proverb

Message from Stephen Segrest
Common Purpose Institute

Common Purpose was established in 1996 as a non-profit 501-C-3 corporation with a mission of advocacy and coalition-building among individuals, businesses, environmental organizations, communities, and governments in identifying and implementing regional and global market-based Energy and Environmental solutions.

Since our environment has no borders, neither do we - whether it's developing biomass energy technologies and energy crop plantations in Florida, solar photovoltaic waste water systems throughout the U.S., to wind energy in the Republic of Turkey. Wherever our global efforts take us, we promote win/win solutions without regard to labels such as "environmentalist", or "polluter". Experience has shown that when people are presented with opportunities to "do the right thing" in a compelling fashion, they most often will choose the correct path.

Like many of you, we have witnessed with frustration the often counter-productive efforts of unilateral actions designed with only one objective in mind. While well intended, many of the efforts result in division and a high cost of environmental compliance. We believe the best solution to environmental issues is through the market place, rather than command and control Government Regulations. Our mission is to be a catalyst for market-based solutions to both energy and environmental challenges.

We strongly believe that the most productive means to accomplish environmental change is through building personal relationships based on sound science, sound engineering, and sound economics. The very nature of Energy and the Environment suggest that a single business, organization, community or individual cannot accomplish the same level of positive results unilaterally compared to consensus building. It is a well established fact that many Environmentalists and Businesses typically find it
difficult to view issues, problems, and solutions from each other's perspective.

But, what if one industry's environmental problem can become another industry's solution - resulting in win/win positions for both Parties? What if one individual's vision can become a community's rebirth? Yet, both real and perceived barriers to collaborative solutions often keep them from ever being considered.

The Community of Common Purpose Members work to overcome these barriers by demonstrating the connection among all actions, and by helping groups which may have never worked together previously, focus on a larger perspective than their own individual near term goals and objectives.

Tampa Office:
Common Purpose Institute
724 Argyle Place
Temple Terrace, FL 33617-4201