Technical and White Papers

University of Florida's School of Engineering 2003 Conference on Co-Utilization of Domestic Fuels -- Short Summary; Comprehensive Summary

Biomass Co-Firing With Coal At Lakeland Electric [55 pages] (S.A. Segrest, D.L. Rockwood, J.A. Stricker, A.E.S. Green, U.S. Department of Energy, July 1998)   PDF   Microsoft Word

Short Rotation Woody Crops For Florida [10 pages] (J.A. Stricker, D.L. Rockwood, S.A. Segrest, G.R. Alker, G.M. Prine, D.R. Carter, University of Florida, October 2000)   Microsoft Word

CO2 Reduction And Sequestration by Co-Firing Energy Crops [18 pages] (S.A. Segrest, Common Purpose Institute, June 2001)   PDF

Why Bio-fuels Need to be Developed in Florida and the Gulf Coast Region [5 pages] (Dr. Wayne Smith, University of Florida, November 2000)   Microsoft Word

Model Energy Crop Fuel Contract with Lakeland Electric [29 pages] (S.A. Segrest, Common Purpose Institute, April 2000)   Microsoft Word

Year 1 Progress Report on growing cottonwood trees on closed phosphate mining sites [23 pages] (J.A. Stricker, D.L. Rockwood, G.R. Alker, D.R. Carter, University of Florida, May 2001)   PDF File

Flammability of Eucalyptus Trees Vs. Other Tree Species [7 pages] (Dr. Lisardo Nunez-Regueira, Dr. J.A. Rodriguex Anon, Dr. J. Proupin Castineiras, University of Santiago at Compostela, May 1996)   PDF